RT16 1" x 60' .65 lbs.
RT26 2" x 60' 1.3 lbs.
RT46 4" x 60' 2.6 lbs.
RT66 6" x 60' 4.0 lbs.
RT126 12" x 60' 8.0 lbs.
RT246 24" x 60' 15.0 lbs.
RT624 6" x 24" 6.0 lbs.
Color: Black

Use in moist, oily, or greasy areas.

Excellent for ramp areas, around ladders, hallways, or stairways.

Available in 60' rolls of 6 popular widths or standard pre-cut sizes

Rhino track safety tape is made from diamond hard mineral surface with waterproof, self-adhesive backing.

Is easy to install on a dry, oil free surface and can be used immediately after installation.

Bonds over 90 degree angles without fracture, and is essentially unaffected by climate conditions and mild acid and alkali exposure.

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