Safety where it's needed is an important element in emergency equipment.

Speakman portable models are the standard dependable answer for those problem, or temporary, locations that need protection now.

Speakman portable models are available in a variety of configurations and selected pressurized models offer drench hoses for additional protection.

For Use Where a Permanent Water Supply is not Available, as a Temporary Replacement for Inoperable Plumbed- In Units, or as Additional Treatment After Use of Plumbed In System

The SE-4300 portable GravityFlo® eyewash is the next best thing to a plumbed eyewash for locations with no potable plumbed water source.

Speakman GravityFlo portable eyewash units are the industry�s only gravity-fed portable eyewashes that offers an optional side fitting drench hose for spot body washing. The SE-4300 has a 20 gallon capacity tank which provides a run time in excess of the ANSI Z328.1 required 15 minutes while offering an exceptional performing spray. A simple pull of an elastomeric strap activates the unit and provides hands free operation. The integral drain allows flushing fluids to be contained avoiding slip hazards. The SE-4300 includes a bottle of water preservative. The SE-4300 meets the ANSI Z385.1 standard.

Gravity-fed eyewash station
20 gallon capacity tank
elastomeric strap activated
Includes 1 bottle of water preservative
Meets ANSI Z358.1

SE-590 - Tank: 10 gallon capacity, stainless steel. Designed to hold 8 gallons of water. Complete with pressure gauge, air filler, pressure relief valve.

Eyewash valve: 1/2" NPTF chrome-plated brass, stay-open ball valve. Activated by stainless steel push handle.

Eyewash spray heads: Twin spray heads with balance control screw and dust caps. Flow control and special spray heads assure 0.4 GPM for 15 minutes.

Drench hose/valve: 3/8" NPTF chrome-plated brass, self-closing squeeze valve.

SE-591 - Same as SE-590 except without drench hose.

SE-597 - Same as SE-590 except tank is 5 gallon capacity to assure 0.4 GPM for 7 minutes.Eyewash spray heads not included.

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